World’s first private high performance blockchain protocol

Stealth XST is the Holy Grail of Crypto: a fast, feeless, private and scalable digital currency.

Second to none.


Blazing fast transactions.

Transaction fee is optional.

Highly scalable.


About Stealth

Stealth was created on a dedicated blockchain in 2014 and is currently one of the most technically advanced cryptocurrencies in the market.

Stealth’s economic driven consensus mechanism is called Junaeth. It is the world’s first private high performance blockchain protocol and sets a new standard in the blockchain industry. It went live on mainnet in May 2021.

Junaeth represents a consensus technology that improves upon the EOS and Ethereum protocols, because Junaeth has been developed to support smart contracts, sidechains, on-chain governance and blockchain oracles.

Stealth / XST is unique and here
are 7 facts you should know:



Stealth is the only BTC descendant aka coin on the BTC code base to offer true feeless transactions.

Feeless is the only way for blockchain adoption. Feeless transactions facilitate so-called microtransactions that can be valued at fractions of a cent.

Microtransactions can serve many purposes, such as pre-paying for streaming or electrical charging services by the minute. Another use is as a voting system where each “ballot” transfers minimum transaction size (currently $0.0005). With feeless transactions, the value of these ballots can be fully reclaimed to the extent that the balloters exercise their votes.

Why is the BTC heritage so important?

BTC has a particular type of ledger that allows for two key types of
a) multisignature transactions
b) data-carrying transaction, useful for applications, called “layer two
applications”, that use the blockchain network as a base layer. An early
example is called Omnicoin (formerly Mastercoin), the application in
which USDT was first implemented.

Finally, the BTC-style blockchain enables cryptographic privacy.

Stealth is the world’s first and only cryptocurrency to offer feeless multisignature transactions.

A dream come true for custodial applications because they require multisignature transactions.

Nano, the prior standard bearer of feeless transactions, can’t offer this important feature. It’s possible to create a smart contract on EOS, for example, with multisignature spending conditions, but then it’s a smart contract and you have to own RAM, vested EOS, etc. The opportunity costs of these requirements eliminate the advantage of true feeless transactions. Perhaps more problematic is that smart contracts can be changed, so users can never fully trust their multi-signature properties.

Nano offers the singular use case of sending from account to account, while EOS requires way too much overhead to be useful as a proper medium of exchange.



Stealth is the world’s first and only fee-optional cryptocurrency.

Feeless transactions use a different type of UTXO that is unspendable. These are called “feework outputs” and are included with spendable UTXOs as a substitute for fees. A feework output is an optional attachment to a transaction, meaning that Stealth is unique in that it is fee-optional.

Users can choose between sending feeless and/or money-fee transactions. Feeless transactions have special conditions (feework expiration) that limit the potential for their abuse.

Under certain circumstances, like periods of exceptionally high use or attack on the Stealth network, paid transactions will be given priority over feeless transactions.

Stealth has superfast and consistent 5 second blocks to enable almost instant transactions and a great user experience.

There is a finite and known number of StealthNodes (permanently bonded block validators), each with a significant financial interest in the Stealth platform.

The Junaeth protocol organizes block signers into a queue that signs blocks in rounds. Each round, each signer has a small window of time to validate a block.

This queue, along with the financial incentives to use good hardware, ensures that blocks are signed every 5 seconds, making XST transactions so fast they are almost instant.



Throughput – Stealth is setting new standards.

Stealth’s current blocksize allows for 917 TPS (Transactions Per Second) – feeless (single core CPU). The block size could be increased such that the data throughput permits over 9,362 TPS.

A validator can use several CPU cores to verify many feeless transactions concurrently, multiplying the transactional limit approximately by the number of cores available.  A 16 core CPU could verify ~150,000 TPS because feeless verification can use parallel processing.

The idea of a blockchain requiring 150,000 TPS is farfetched, but it shows that the bottleneck won’t be the verification of feeless transactions.

TPS non-feeless for comparison:
BTC: 7 | ETH: 15 | DOT: 1000 | Visa: 1700

XST has the best spam resistance of any feeless cryptocurrency

One key to Stealth’s superior DoS (Denial of Service) resistance is Stealth’s novel network timekeeping mechanism. With Stealth’s network clock, time synchrony is an emergent property governed by game thoery, making it possible for the network to do things like expunge malicious DoS transactions after only a few seconds.

Stealth has the most spam resistant feeless protocol yet invented.



Private transactions utilizing side chains and zk-SNARKs

Currently under development

With private transactions, Stealth will begin the use of side chains that share block validators with the main chain, called StealthCore. Users can send XST from the StealthCore main chain to the private transaction side chain, called StealthPrivate. These transactions are ratified by the complete set of Stealth validators on both chains. Coins transferred to the StealthPrivate side chain are effectively removed from StealthCore (and vice versa).

Users can convert XST to private coins (XSS StealthSend) on StealthPrivate and transfer them with cryptographic privacy, which uses zk-SNARKs. Users can convert private coins back to XST on StealthPrivate, and send XST to StealthCore for use with exchanges and other services.

Notably, StealthCore can be hosted independently of StealthPrivate or any other Stealth side chain. This side chain based system keeps all private transactions off StealthCore, greatly simplifying compliance where the hosting of private transactions could be problematic, as with centralized exchanges.

Additionally the need to host just StealthCore lowers the hosting burden significantly. Exchanges and other third parties, like custodial payment processors, have no practical need to host any information outside of that which is relevant only to the liquid XST money supply on StealthCore.

zk-SNARK transactions are small compared to other privacy schemes like Monero. This is important because smaller transactions means that the blockchain will scale more efficiently.

zk-SNARKs can be validated quickly, allowing validator nodes to process many more transactions, also important for scaling.

Stealth zk-Snarks will be similar to Zerocash, offering the most potent privacy solution possible in that it hides everything about a transaction including the sender, receiver, and the amount.

The future is in your hands.

The Stealthsend Mobile App is available for iOS and Android. Both StealthSend Mobile and Desktop are light wallets and ready to be used within a few seconds.


One of a kind –
the new role model for the
blockchain industry

Stealth/XST is the fastest cryptographically private digital currency. With blazing fast 5 second blocks, Junaeth is a game-changer and offers what state-of-the-art payment systems of the future require: a fast, feeless, private and scalable crypto.


ECONOMIC SYSTEM (Buy your rights — no committee of insiders)

Stealth Junaeth block validators purchase blockchain assets, known as StealthNodes, that have block signing rights. Because all validation rights are purchased rather than granted by “benevolent” founders who attained coins from a premine, Junaeth is free from control by a central entity.

Often these central entities serve their own ends rather than the value or health of the blockchain.

Economic System
Novel Timekeeping

NOVEL TIMEKEEPING (Asynchronous network clock with emergent timekeeping properties)

Junaeth has a novel asynchronous network clock that allows for network latency, network disruptions, and multithreaded processing of network events. Other approaches to scheduled block production rely on strict coordination that results in a fragile design. In these other approaches, minor consensus issues can lead to devastating results, like frozen blockchains.

Because of Junaeth’s asynchronous network clock, it is robust to all manners of consensus issues that create blockchain forks.

REPUTATION SYSTEM (Truly meritorious, using objective criteria)

For each block a StealthNode produces, it earns XST. The amount of XST earned per block increases as a StealthNode signs more blocks, meaning earnings are based purely on performance. The result is that the Stealth Junaeth protocol is a blockchain meritocracy.

Junaeth validators can be confident that the only consideration for their earnings is consistent block production. In other words, Junaeth validators don’t need to waste valuable resources trying to inflate their status with a centralized cabal of founders.

Reputation System
Fused Ledger

FUSED LEDGER (Allows block scheduling with cryptographic privacy — only Stealth)

Stealth uses a fused ledger, consisting of a Bitcoin-type “UTXO” ledger for transfers, and an account-based for StealthNode block rewards. This fused ledger means that the blockchain can enjoy the efficiencies of an account-based ledger for the core functionality of block validation, but also offer the types of transactions only available to UTXO ledgers.

The most important such transaction type is that of cryptographically private transfers.

Stealth’s Management Team


Sascha Pahlke

Co-Founder | Principal


Dr. James Stroud, PhD

Co-Founder | Principal | Lead Developer


Gian Perroni

Chief Operating Officer

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